About Us

About Record Street

Night out with family and friends? Record Street’s scratch-made pizzas pair perfectly with a cold pint every night of the week (we’ve taste-tested this theory many, many times).


If you’ve been here, you know this place is your jam. If it’s your first time, you’ll just have to trust us. Pizza, pints, and some of our (and your) favorite people—we’ve got something you’re gonna love.


Looking for some sun, catch up with pals on our spacious, dog-friendly patio. Never hesitate to hollar through the garage-door window if you’re thirsty for another round of pints; we’ve got your afternoon covered (just not covered from the sunshine if that’s what you’re after).

The Alpine

Since opening in 1929, the historic Alpine Glass Co. building in Reno, NV has been transformed to a state of the art music and event venue. It will be a destination for cutting-edge acts from around the world.


The Alpine will be a popular venue among serious music fans who enjoy listening to live music in an intimate and historically rich setting.