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The Beer

Inspired by the love of music our beers are handcrafted to be harmonic and full flavored! 

Malt Rose Beer Cover Art

ABV 5% | IBU 15

High Rollers Beer Cover Art

ABV 6% | IBU 20

Common Science Beer Cover Art

ABV 5% | IBU 25

Sabrosa Beer Cover Art

ABV 6.5% | IBU 15

Devils Haircut Cover Art

ABV 7% | IBU 20

Grunge Double IPA Beer Cover Art

ABV 7.5% | IBU 10

Tahoe Tessie Seltzer Cover Art

ABV 5%

Off Beat Music Festival Marzen Lager Bier beer label

ABV 5% | IBU 20

Wam Beer Cover Art

ABV 5.5% | IBU 22

ABV 5%

Soundwaves Beer Cover Art

ABV 4.5% | IBU 15

The Beer

Inspired by the love of music our beers are handcrafted to be harmonic and full flavored! 

The Food

Record Street is a neighborhood restaurant with an elegantly casual setting that benefits from a simplified menu.  Our Neapolitan-style hand crafted, wood fired pizza is complemented by high quality, organic and artisanal ingredients, such as hand-stretched mozzarella, homemade dough, house-made dressings and artisanal cheeses. All pizzas are 13″ value-priced and cooked in an Italian Mario Acunto, Vulcano-style, Doppio brick, wood-fired oven with a cook time under two minutes. 

The Music


While our beer is what defines us, our passions for live entertainment add elements of customer satisfaction and style that is unmatched in the industry.  Located in the same historic space as Record Street Brewing, The Alpine offers a first class experience for a good night out, touring, local acts, and a space for private events. 

Ariel view of Record Street and The Alpine

Record Street Brewing/ The Alpine

Is inspired by the love of music and our flagship location at the corner of Record Street and the historic Lincoln highway in Reno, Nevada.  A community-gathering place for in-house craft brewing, artisanal and wood-fired pizza. We stand apart from the crowd.  Outstanding craft beer, craft pizza, and music are what define us.

The Reno Brewery District

The flourishing Reno Brewery District and many of our brewhouse neighbors are leaning into the history of this spot and are brewing up way more than just beer. So let’s raise our glasses to the timelessness this district has to offer.

Record Street parking